Who is He?

Who is He?  What will be?



            Dressing carefully -- do I really want to go?       Another not so blind, blind date.

            Clock ticks -- Traffic's bad --   I'm late to THE meeting!

            Anticipating another non-connection.

            Ho Hum.  Nonchalant manner -- Poised, pleasant smile -- composed emotions.

            Judgment Pending...

            Reluctant entrance.  Where?

            There -- over a book -- Humm??


            Much better looking than "THE" pictures -- seen or imagined!

            He stands.  Admits he'd forgotten what I looked like!

            Hoped I'd recognize him...

            OOOH!  What a blow -- look out ego!

            Okay.  I can accept that.  He didn't find me too memorable.

            He rises -- Sharp dresser!

            Reading What?  Philosophy -- Elaborate...

            He asks where I would like to have dinner...

            Shows me a menu from a restaurant I'd been hearing about -- sounds good.

            "Good!  I've already made reservations!"

            Humm!  Decisive man!  Cute! Very Cute!!

            He takes my hand to escort me to his car -- Sweet.

            One long stemmed red rose lying across my seat.  How gallant!

            He gets a "10"!  Must do this for every date...

            Classy!  Very Classy!

            Restaurant full -- noisy din -- quiet twosome -- perfectly alone.

            Dinner ordered -- personal histories reviewed -- glances exchanged --

            Laughter -- smoldering undercurrents -- stimulating conversation--

            Eyes spark with electricity!  A connection?  Oh!  Yes!

            But is that enough?

            Coffeehouse conversation -- peeling the onion!  Sweet centered -- Umm!

            Kindhearted.  Good!  Not lacking wisdom.

            Conversation swimming sweet wine to my head!

            A bit dangerous these feelings.  Could anything be this easy?  I wonder?

            I must be careful yet open...  Could this be a pairing?

            Could it really be this simple?  Only time can tell.

            I must run to restraint with open arms,

            While desperately wanting to toss myself into this surging sea of emotions!

            I must wait for what will be -- take my time to really see!

            But part of me wants to know all the answers now.

            So no one will get hurt -- especially ME!

            So much to mix, so much to meld: if kindred spirits then we'll weld!


Bonnie Marie  4-19-94 C - 97
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