What If

What If  ?


What if, instead of a flirtatious facade, we were to let down our guards and give ourselves the chance to become true friends?


 Would we?


What if, we invested the time to talk about who we are, our ideals, values, interests and what we want from life?


Would they be similar?


What if, we took a long walk by the beach or in the mountains and discussed our dreams and goals?


Would we find kismet?


What if, we hugged and felt the energy of attraction seize us, as we breathed each others breath and fleetingly looked into each others eyes?


 Would we in fear deny it?


What if, we got past our fears and were able to discuss these strange feelings?


Would we become more than friends?


What if, in time… we looked into each others eyes and trembled with knowledge to the depths of our souls?


Would we find our tomorrow's... or... would we see our yesterdays?


What if, we finally shared a long sensuous kiss and it took our breath away?


Would our hearts then find their home?



What if, we run away from this in fear?



What if, we don't???


Bonnie Marie 97 copyright
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