The Surf Beats the Sand

The Surf Beats the Sand


A Savior proclaimed…a bloody man….

Has the world defeated His stand?

For the cause of religion man kills man.

Is this what God wants?  Where is loves plan?

Children hurt children … Where did they learn?

In innocence born… what made them turn?

The flowers burst forth in fragrant array…

The snow flurries down in short delay.

With innocence lost… can purity stay?


Did man create God?  If so why such fraud?

Does man need a God to give him excuse…

To treat those who are different as refuse?


Did God create man?

If so, there must be a plan!

If God is, why don’t we understand?

Is it impossible to know where God stands?

Are religions man’s way of reaching out for God’s hand?

If so they’re all flawed… So where do we find God?

Is God so weak He can’t keep His word clear?

Or…is man playing god in religious veneer?

Are we attempting to make God fit our mold?

Or are we searching for a truth to unfold?


If any prophecy becomes untrue… then how can the whole be believable too?

We must search for consistency… fulfilled and fulfilling prophecy.


Christ is either all that He claims to be…

Or He is the greatest fraud of history!

Test the prophecy… the Bible foretells Christ and Christianity.

Everything Christ foretold has become fact as history unfolds.

Could it be this is God’s plan?

A man… Son of God… who died for each man?

But death’s not His story… Resurrection is!

He paid the price… that we all may live.

We all are given eternity…

But where I spend it is up to me.


I along with you give these thoughts command…

At the Ends great Beginning… Where will you stand?


For now… life goes on…

The surf still beats the sand.


Bonnie Marie

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