The Play

The Play's Seasons




It takes so long to understand!


It isn't till our life's half through that we're able to look back and see...

The pain, the joy, the misery, the every day that comes to be.


The seasons of our life go by and suddenly we see life through our parent’s eyes!


What they felt and knew of life they tried to tell.

Ah!  But we didn't listen very well.


Too smart to listen:

"Life will be so very different for us you'll see...we'll make it be!"


It's only now that I can see my parents sacrifice for me.


All the love and toil...Beware!

Then children leave, and the heart is bare...but still reaches out in loving care.


This secret I now to you confess...time makes no difference more or less.

The places and the people change, but the course of life is still the same.


The changing of the rolls seems slow...

But now I recite my mother's lines...another place, another time.


The human factor stays the same...the people and props are rearranged!




Bonnie Brunson

4-19-96 copyright
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