The Journey

The Journey!


The journey of a thousand miles -- each one leading on --

Past the baby in the cradle -- past the child at play.

Through the journey of a lifetime each heart makes its way.


No one can join you on your journey, for it is yours alone...

From the swaying of the cradle, to the cold, hard stone.

Each day, a testament... filled with foolishness... with sacrament.


Address your answers, seek your questions, find the truth in what you see.

Let your spirit feel life's connection, the bond and mystery...

Between all that is and is to be... the questions of eternity.


From cathedrals of the timeless -- where worries cannot accost --

His gift of love once taken to your soul can nee'r be lost.

His love can lift and keep you singing, can lead you on through joy and loss.


In all that is, was, and is yet to be... the journey is part of the destination...

 And will always be... the truest source of wonder...

If we will but perceive and see.



Bonnie Marie  5-10 - 98 

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