Thank You

Thank you for time



Forgive me for not seeing your love.

I know it's everywhere… in everything you do for me…

And in all you allow me to experience myself.

All that you have provided for me continually shouts of your love and care.

Yet I so seldom see: and then but for a moment.

I so seldom listen to your wisdom... your voice so patiently warning...

Yet you are ever loving me, even in my disobedience.

How hard it must be to keep loving with such ever patient love;

When I am so quick to ignore you and go off on my own willful way:

Always coming back though, when I get in trouble,

 And things just don't seem to go as I thought they would.

I've often even blamed you for my mistakes!

I'm finally after all these years of growing beginning to understand

the depths of your love for me.

A never demanding, always giving love…

A love that cost you great strivings, heartache and finally Christ's perfect life.

Relentless in your devotion, you have just been waiting for me

To grow to the point of understanding, when I will want freely to return your love…

when I will seek to know you as I am known.

Thank you for giving me time to understand!

My fondest hope is that in time I may radiate to other's the love you've given me.

May I never more depart from my first Father and truest Love of my life.

Fill and overpower my spirit with yours, that as David

I may mirthfully rejoice in You… my Father and my God.



Bonnie Marie "90" c-97
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