Spring's Sensuous Song



My senses awake to cool crisp clean air, wispy wanton clouds and sunny skies:

The coolness of morning soon giving way to the warm dampness of spring days.


The breeze is dancing in the trees like some blithe spirit to a magic song.

Grass is gloriously greening; trees are covered with blossoms, new growth...

Little buds erupting into lush foliage.


Blissful birds are singing sweet soprano songs in the spring sun...

Bees busily buzz around beguiling blossoms, creating titillating crescendos of sound.


Once dormant bushes are budding, blossoming, blatantly bearing their beauty.

All the once languishing lazy little bulbs are bursting to new life in abandon disarray...

Mother Earth Giving Birth!


My heart races with anticipation of the ever increasing ecstasy...

A fantasia of floating floral fragrances are sensuously scenting spring air.


My spirit rises to the splendor that is spring...

Life's pulse is coursing rapidly through my veins:

Rushing revived youth and vitality through every sinew of me!


Thoughts of winters' chill melted,

My soul drinks heartily from the heady wine of natures' seduction...


As my very being burns with unsated passion for springs' Sensuous Song!!!


Bonnie Brunson

2-27-96 copyright

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