See the Wonder

See the Wonder


I look into your eyes and see... All the wonder love could be.


Enjoying all of God's green earth... Playing in the ocean's surf.


Walking with you, hand in hand... Across times immortal sand.


Gazing at the ocean waves, stirring our souls... Such happy slaves!


As your arms around me fold...

My heart pounding, as you hold.


Warm breath mixing with chilled air...

Caressing my neck, playing in my hair.


So close - My dear - in body, mind and soul...

Melding our lives to become a perfect whole.


Giving to this life all loves' energy...

Sharing with the world our creative synergy.


Bringing to each other, lover & best friend...

Riding the waves of life to the sea shores end.


I look into your eyes & see... all the wonder we could be.


Do you see?


BonnieMarie copyright 97

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