Secret to Life's Dance

The Secret to Life's Dance



We must not rush to anticipation... All is reveled in time.

Lives must work together to create the perfect rhyme.


God has a higher good and purpose intended for each life,

He will lead us to it, if we will not block Him; causing strife.


Just know that He is blessing, and allow Him to lead on...

Relax in His arms of love... continue dancing to His song.


Following, we will be blessed with a graceful dance through life.

Disobeying brings disappointment, cutting like a knife.


He gives us only good gifts, so we must joy in each day,

Sharing with kindred souls He puts along life's way.


His love expands our hearts to grow...

To trust that leads on to show...


His way is perfect all the time,

No matter what we think should rhyme.


If in anticipation - we over step His lead,

We will surly stumble and deter His perfect speed.


Only in following Him can we truly know...

Where our life long dance should go!





Bonnie Marie 11-29-97


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