Sea Side Soliloquy

Sea Side Soliloquy

(The Mystery)
I go to the sea shore late at night,
After the sun has fled with its light.
As the waves caress shore with their eddies and tide...
A peace settles o'er me and stays to abide.

Even in darkness the foam crest waves
Glisten in white opalescent sheen,
Echoing reflections of lights beyond.
The energy their roaring's impart...
Stilling all roaring's of my human heart.

A paradox this energy the ocean conveys to me,
A wild and spirited thing... yet... a quiet mystery.

Fingers of mist rise from the waves, lifting arms upward...
Out stretched toward the sky...
Like prayers from the ocean, offered up on high,

Watching the waves I come to see,
A Trinity... in reflections of me...are cast on the sea!
Suddenly, a revelation I see!
The darker shadow a reflection of the physical me;
The second shadow though dimmer; a symbol of my spirit within;
That inspires and leads me to dream and to win.
The third shadow, also beside, a mirror of my mind unseen but so tried...
The mind that plans and attempts to reason things through,
Then Spirit laughs and does something new!

The three, together reflect the completeness of me.
Just as the sea is mass and form and energy,
As the universe is time, matter and space; the dividing of which can never be.

So God -- Father, Son and Holy Spirit be.
In a triune state we all must be!
Such is this life's mystery.

(Our Separation)

Our minds work with our flesh to put on a facade
That separates us from each other, ourselves and even God!
So often we wander this life doing what our flesh demands
Instead of heeding the Spirit and letting it fly
To lead the way to a life that can truly satisfy.
Our lust when consumed, brings emptiness and strife.
The wonder only comes when we let His Spirit lead our life.

(The Key)
To successfully be spirit living in transient flesh, with mind to reason, more or less;
Not to be governed by physicality,
 but by the spiritual self that we truly be,
The key I see to this litany...
To God's will staying a stride...
There, striving to abide.

(The Epiphany)
In a lovely prayer garden by the sea...
God's Spirit calls to me.

A feast for the soul this wonder filled place...
A small taste of Eden where time is erased.
A beautiful garden created for prayer, natures wonders... everywhere.
Creation's delights... reminders from God.
Healing waters soothe the mind,
fish swimming, birds singing,

Created for Beauty, that we might join with and see;
God's great Love and Eternity.

He speaks to each individually,
I must love all His children and reach out in care,
Allowing His love to work in me everywhere.
Through knowing Him we each come to see
All He would have us be.

(The Poetry)

As I walk and sit to meditate,
All the more I am given to contemplate;

The state of conscious, living, poetry in all that I see...
God in all creation... even me!

 We become our own poetry...
A paean of praise reflecting God's majesty,

Or a dried up leaf fallen from The Tree.

What will each life come to be?

(The Reason for Being... The Unity)

We spirit beings trapped in this earthly bond of flesh,
Often are dissuaded from what spirit knows is best.
Only as we draw near the Holy Throne,
Allowing God to teach our spirits to soar...
 To love unbounded evermore...
Can we achieve the true purpose and joy our lives are for.

We have all been given special talents…
a purpose to fulfill while here…
If we do not achieve our purpose for being,
then we and all seeing,
Become unclear as to why we are here.

Father help us to "sing the song" you have sent us here to sing.
That clear as a bell our notes may ring, blessing others with the hearing.
Bringing unity... joining our voices with others of our kind
 In joyful praise of Your Universal Mind!

(His Healing Symmetry)

We all long for others… kindred spirits to share… heart, soul and mind,
But this can only be, if we are sharing spiritually!

What God's Spirit would ideally do in me and you,
Is to recreate the spiritual triune state of love, trust and unity
 That existed before the fall, in the Garden of Eden;
Through  Christ...  Within us all!
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