Right of Passage



We each have the right of passage through this God given life:

The right to birth… to childhood… to youth's tempestuous strife.


To know the joy found in a flower… the fascination in a bee,

The power in all creation… who can say what each life will see?


Life holds continual inspiration with what each new day will bring.

All will know life's joys and sorrows… whether pauper… poet… king.


In youth we have God’s angels guarding our carefree ways

With growth and learning we choose if they go or stay.


It's ours to use our time with wisdom… not to spend it without thought…

For in truth it is but a lease we've got.


Every life is different… and paints a picture all its own.

Whether masterpiece or scribble… the poets' due his poem.




Bonnie Marie 3-3-94 c - 9
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