Rain Stained Pages




I will always remember joyfully strolling through sun drenched gardens,

so lush and lovely; a floral fantasia of fragrance perfuming the air.

Each beautiful blossom was lovelier than the one before;

Even the butterflies couldn't decide on which one to alight first.


Then the rains came, slowly at first; just a sprinkle.

Refreshing the grounds and causing the flowers to sparkle anew.

Then they became a little stronger.

I hoped it was just a temporary upset.


But soon dark dreary clouds overshadowed my path blocking out the sun.

Springs sprinkle became a summer torrent; soaking my body in dilemma's downfall.

The beauty surrounding me was seemingly being stifled;

then finally surrendering to the strife full storm besetting it. 


  I stumbled about slipping and sliding on the stone path, no shelter in sight:

Distraught and resentful of the beauty and joy lost!

Then to my surprise a Man appeared, offering me shelter beneath His umbrella:

Not to take me from the storm, but to see me through it!


Suddenly, I saw from the perspective of one no longer alone and unprotected.

This same rain which was violently buffeting the beauty about me,

Seemingly destroying it now --- will tomorrow nourish and strengthen it!

Suddenly the lesson I saw!


So I too can grow all the lovelier and stronger

Because of the Rain Stained Pages of Life!




Bonnie Marie Copyright
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