Spirit Ship


Others' lives are parables if we'll but watch and understand.

There is much we can learn by observing our fellowman.


It's so easy to pass judgment upon others as we travel down life's road;

Never stopping to consider the full impact of their load.

Every time we condemn another, such will be given to our hand.


Just when we say we'd never do what they have done,

Shortly after, similar temptations to us will surely come.


God has us here to love and help each other on life's way.

He would have us not condemn, but lift our hearts and pray.

Our Father would not have us ignorant of His children that we spurn.  


If we'll listen, a great lesson we will learn; for He will take us on a soul awakening trip:

Through the crooks and crannies of our souls, in our spirit ship.


If we have the courage He will reveal to us ourselves;

The depths of our own ignorance, envy, laziness and pride,

All that we've been harboring until He came inside.


He will take us through the disappointments of wounded pride, of mind and heart.

He'll reveal inordinate affections: things over which we'd thought we had no part.


All to show to us our own souls, so we never more become;

These conceited creatures that contradict His will:

That we may see it's only God who understands and loves us still!


Then we can reach out and truly touch our fellowman,

Extending love instead of judgment, letting God work through our hands.


Bonnie Marie © - 97
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