Night's Nostalgia



In moments of solitude I close my eyes;

To open that inner eye of memory once again,

Upon scenes of green meadows in the twilight.


Far away the frogs,

Send out their evening greetings from the marshes.

The crickets are chirping in nocturnal chorus.


The winding road,

Leading down the now peaceful fields and orchards to home

Is tinted with a dull red that still lingers in one corner of the sky.


Water fowl are gliding to shore,

Bedding down for the evening.

The Lagoon languishes in the evening mist.


Somber smells of night's tranquility slowly soothe my senses.

Serenity of darkness approaches:

As if a thin veil, dark and calmly mysterious has been spread over all.


God, saying; "Rest my children from this day,

Come find peace from life's play,

Strength for yet another day --in MY NIGHT'S REFRESHING!"


Bonnie Marie 1-2-91

c - 97

(Written from remembrance of my mother's descriptions of life on the farm during her youth in Minnesota.)

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