My Private Lagoon

My Private Lagoon


I wake to the fresh warm scent of verdant meadows wafting in my windows;

With naught but the soft summer sounds of birds singing and bees faintly buzzing.

Soft misty morning filtering through gossamer panels;

Forming lovely dancing patterns of light all about me,

As the breeze playfully poufs the frail fabric.

God's sweet touch of morning calling me anew to come take part in His celebration of life.

Whispering a silent prayer of praise and thanksgiving,

My feet alight on polished wooden floors.

I softly tiptoe down the stairs and out the back door

To solitarily drink in the view before me.

Trees, flowers, foliage -- abounding.

I caress the grass and sand under my feet with my toes, as I amble to my private lagoon.

 The chuckling creek wanders along beside me.

Finding its way before me; it carelessly cascades into the lagoon.

My feet follow; but not until I cautiously find a soft knoll,

Upon which to set as my feet dangle in the cool spring waters.

Soft white sand filters between my toes.

 What a joy to my senses this place is -- clean, fresh, unspoiled and unpretentious.

Half hidden under massive trees; wisteria, wild rose and lemon vine

Perfume the air with the sweetest scents of summer.

Tiny fish come play with my toes as graceful swans glide by,

Glancing to see if I've brought them a treat;

Or perhaps just to see if I'm noticing their glory?

I am! And the glory of the One who created them!

This wondrous spot of earth about me

Sings of a time when the world was new as this morning:

Fresh from the hands of God.

Though I would desire to stay forever I must be about my daily tasks,

And join the world of the mundane once more -- Refreshed.

Knowing my private lagoon awaits me again --In MY Dreams-- Unchanging.

Someday -- Forever!

(Bonnie Marie  5-10-91)


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