My Heart

My Heart’s Counterpart


I sit alone, bare knees up, toes stroking the soft afghan on my couch, watching and listening to the late summer rain buffeting the world outside my windows with its tears -- of joy for some -- of sorrow for others -- of nourishment for the bone dry earth so needing the caresses of the rain to revive and renew it:

Awakening all of mother earth's beauty and bringing it to its fullest potential of glorious blooming.

The rain needing the earth to come to rest, to be absorbed and used, the earth needing the rain to revitalize and make it pregnant with possibilities of growth and renewal..

As I listen and ponder, I realize how like mother earth I am... needing the nourishment of love to make me bloom and grow to reach my fullest potential of beauty.

The love I find in friends, family and especially you dear Father is wonderful, but yet there is lack...

There is yet a needful space in my heart to be filled, a fertile spot waiting for the seeds of a special love.


On this rainy day of earth's renewal, staying autumn for yet awhile:

I am contemplating my need for the renewing power of the love of a mate to share this life.

One very special man, a kindred spirit who will open his heart to me that I may share mine with him -- two hearts meant to be counterparts to fulfill and compliment each others being.

A man who will see the wonder in me, as I will see the wonder of life and love in his eyes.

As the rain so nourishes the earth his love will nourish my soul that I may bloom all the more beautifully to bless his life.

Entwining magically as lovers, spiritually as kindred spirits in understanding and joy.

Growing together that we both may bloom all the brighter and achieve all the more success in life because of our nourishing love for each other.

That we may ever be joyful and eternally thankful for the most beautiful creative power of two hearts full of unselfish, giving, understanding love for each other.

Unleashing this power in all that we do -- that it may spread and grow in others too.


Father, where is he?   Please send the other half of me.  I know I am complete in thee,

 Yet I feel a need for my counterpart to truly fill my heart and fulfill this my earthly part..

I know he needs me as much as I do him to reach his fullest potential for growth, joy and fulfillment in this life.

You created us male and female; two to become one, with you as the guide and lodestar of our lives.

Spiritual Father, daughter and son -- triune in being, joined in one purpose of understanding and love --with your creative force given from above -- that the world can be the better for our union of love.


Bonnie Marie copyright 97

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