Love's Star

Love’s Star



Look up to find just who you are... you'll find the answer in Love’s Star.


Through the blessed candles bright,

The forget-me-not's of heavens light.


You'll see the scriptures in the sky,

And they will make you question why?


As in answer to your thoughts,

Those ever bright forget-me not's:


Point out the brilliant love that shines,

Throughout the endlessness of time.


His love shines forth for all to see, from minutia to the galaxies.

Spiraling on through eternity... Father, Son and Spirit… Be.


Humbled by the heavens bright,

Feel God's universal Light!


Take time to contemplate... You'll see,

His agenda of love consistently!


Creating in joy, children to love.

Freedom of choice the disparity… Sin entered in bringing death’s misery.


Love sent His sacrifice to become the Way,

Guiding back to our Fathers arms to stay.


Such persistent love is the key.

To what He wants from you and me.


When looking to His wondrous Star... So can we find just who we are!


Because of His love we have eternity.


 Individually, where I spend it is up to me.



Bonnie Marie

 written 10-31-81 O 97 –re-write 1-5-2002

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