I Am…
I knew you before time began.
Your life will always be in My hands.
Though you may ignore Me and chose your own way,
My love for you does not fade away.I want to give you an Eternity of My Love.
I want to grow you, bless you, wipe the tears from your eyes and give you Peace.
I created you and all you see for your joy.
The purest of human love is only a sample of the love I have for you.
I love you so much I do not force My way.
Your pain and suffering is because you go astray.
Yet, I provided Jesus to show and Become… The Way.
I give you this life to see the beauty of My love amid a sinful world.
Even as I love… I allow you your choices…
No matter how much they may hurt you and others.
You get to live with them Forever.
I hope eventually you will see my love and chose freely to love Me in return.
So I may fill you with my love and bless you completely.
I AM who I AM … with or without your acknowledgement.

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