Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays


Families gather from near and far, coming together to share the joys of the Season,

In celebration of life and love.

Homes are resplendent with sparkling lights and beautiful decorations, inside and out.

Trees of all shapes and sizes are decorated with glee - each an inspiration of someone's heart.

Kitchens are filled with wonderful aromas of cinnamon and spice: breads, pies and cookies baking,

Beef and fowl roasting.

Frosty air is alive with the scent of pine trees, snow covered earth and fireplaces a blaze.

Drifting chimney haze lures us into gaily lighted homes to join friends and family in merriment.

Crackling fires in the hearths invite us to warm chilled faces and hands before them.

Shopping for the perfect gifts creates a commotion, sparked by loving feelings and the pleasure of giving.

Wrapping gifts selected with such care, creates anticipation of blissful unwrapping.

Attending plays and Christmas services together make fond memories and bring us closer.

Enjoying expertly prepared meals of richly diverse and delicious foods with friends, spreads goodwill and cheer.

As new members join our extending families, varied cultural customs expand our enjoyment of the season.

Making new traditions unique to our family, increases the wonderful potpourri of celebration.

For all the reasons we gather and celebrate, we thank you God.

Thank you, for your blessings and love shown to us.

Thank you, for lessons learned and ones we have yet to learn.

Thank you,  for the joy, peace, pleasure, commotion and pain; that makes us grow.

Thank you, for the uniqueness of each individual we call family or friend.

Thank you, for the love you have put in our hearts for them.

We bask in the comforts of home and family, and extend our hearts to all men because of your love for us.

We give gifts of love to each other because of your great gift of love; Christ Jesus.

He whose Birthday we celebrate, your Beloved Son who became our redemption.

He is our gift of life to restore us unto You for eternity,

If we'll but reach out and embrace this your greatest of all gifts.

The Christmas season with all it's delight, is but a meager foreshadowing of joys to be, throughout eternity.

There, Peace on Earth Good Will to Men can finally be.

Because of your Christmas gift to us, we can look forward with anticipation

to celebration throughout eternity:

With You and our true family... Home for the Holiday's... Forever.


Bonnie Marie 12-20-97  c-97

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