Have You Ever

Have You Ever?


Have you ever...?  Seen the revelation of true romance... Through the seasons perfect Dance.

Been touched by the hands that formed... of breath exhaled and shared.

The touch that tingles giving life... a kindred spirit bared.

Have you ever...?  Felt the chilled breath of the early dawn... as the dew kissed earth glistens...

Singing life alive with poetic song, as its spellbound audience listens.

Reveled in the birth of a perfect day to be... as dawn's caressing rays foretell life's mystery.

Have you ever...? Sat quietly on a mountain top in the early mist of spring,

Sensing a silent presence… with a timeless hymn to bring.

Heard the ancient crags - while surveying all around - join with rhyme, eternity and time;

Without a single sound.

Have you ever...?  Watched as the summer moon, plays its challenge to the sun:

Refusing to surrender... even though the day has come.

Seen it's swan's performance - to wit it has no choice - relinquishing the stage... to a bolder brighter voice.

Have you ever...?  Walked the mountains in early fall... when the blue jay sings his solemn call.

Wandered lonely forest trails to see the hardiest flowers:

Bursting forth a last display of fleeting, warmer hours.

Have you ever...?   Foreseen the snows to come in earth's heralding displays:

Painting its changing canvas, with crimsons, yellows and grays.

Heard aspens rustle in the breeze, whispering Autumn's chorus...

Of renewal, reverie and rest... dancing on before us.

Have you ever...?   Smelled the beckoning scent of the distant chimney's haze...

Drifting our hearts to thoughts of the Seasons’ joy filled days.

Listened as earth's symphony, proclaims a chilling chorus... echoing of Eternal blooms, now dormant in the forest...

Have you ever...?  Seen the Revelation of true Romance... Through Creations’ perfect Dance.

Bringing to each yearning breast... peace, and wisdom to the soul....

As earth’s wonders remind… with Grace and Glory… of God’s loving whole.

The Reason for being... True Unity... The ultimate song of Sanctity!


Have you ever...?


(Illustrations will accompany each stanza on a separate page forming a book or booklet)

Bonnie Marie 10-16-97 C
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