I sit in a waiting room anticipating the first glimpses of life in my first grand baby.

My daughter lies hurting in the maternity ward, her husband concerned at her side.

My prayers are with them as I remember the pains that preclude the pleasure soon to be.

Concerned and excited I'm as nervous as can be:

Much more so than when I was the one in delivery!

Soon she'll be wheeled into a birthing room -- her husband and she,

Sharing this wondrous bond of intimacy!

As they first glimpse the face of their infant so small,

They will realize their love and commitment through all!


I wait in nervous expectancy, to hear the good news soon to be!

What a wondrous happening, this thing called birth: the regeneration of life on our earth.

As my mother carried, and labored with me,

So I carried my daughter, and now she will know motherhood's labor and glee!

The combining of lives to bring life again; the commitment,

The love, the concern that ne'er ends…

The regeneration of times gone by is caught in a twinkle of a baby's eye.


As years fly away and she sits where I am, then she'll truly understand

 The love and devotion in a mother's hands…

 As the doctor cuts the birth strings, suddenly her baby's free;

But a mother's love and care goes on forever:




10-30-95 Bonnie Marie c-97
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