What is this still small voice within me that seems to know just what's to be?

When I was young I’d listen to this voice that spoke to me.


But as age and self got in my way ---

I decided no still small voice would tell me what, or how to play!


I made my own rules, set my way:

Leaving only self to pay!


Finally TRUTH came in a glare ---

Suddenly I became aware!


That still small voice was warning me ---

Of all life's pitfalls I chose not to see.


Always trying to get through to me,

If I’d but wait and see what good could come to me.


Waiting quietly until I give Him voice ---

To guide me always to life's' best choice!


That voice is not ambiguity ---

And it's no mystery!


It's God calling me to what is BEST ---

If I’ll but Trust and See!!!



Bonnie Marie 10-23-95 (c - 97)

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