1st Rememberance




Joy… so vividly through childhood's eyes.

Luminosity softly flirting through gossamer panels.


Lilting light and soft summer breeze calling all interest to fluttering curtain edges

Aglow with dangling orb's of brilliant fluff.


All Attention Riveted!  Reaching up!  Touching!


Soft squishy... between small fingers.

One bright orb set free in tiny hands.



Possession held close, stroked with miniature fingers.


Mouth opens...Precious possession clumsily shoved inside.

Surely something so beautiful must taste good!


Disappointment...Soggy gooey mass pulled from mouth with distaste!


Hands: reaching up greedily!

More lovely colorful confections freed from their flowing home.


Delight!  Feathery softness against baby skin.

Joyous gathering in tiny confines.


Alas! Baby eyes grow weary, fluffy orbs pushed aside to make room for sleepy form.

No matter...many more to be gathered later from the lovely flowing garden.


Sleep... Serenity...Contentment... Security...






Bonnie Brunson

1-23-91    -c-
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