Ducks--flying formation in golden sky… gracefully landing on sparkling pond.

Casually going their separate ways, to say hello to old friends, and to make new.


Geese honking from the pond's island… Fowl, primping, prancing and pecking in abandon.

Their own private little island guarded by the water which surrounds it.  


Tall reeds and brush their private havens for mating and tranquility…

The perfect place for fowl to weather any storm.


Happy creatures these… gaily calling to each other, announcing their presence

And perpetual passion for this place…  Every kind of water fowl at pomp and play.


What joy to join with them for the moment; admiring their grace and beauty

As they gaily glide across this lazy lagoon that is home.  As graceful on the water as in the sky.


Family and friends gliding along together in friendly formations.

Peaceful giggling, happy creatures shaking funny little tails in glee!


Loony lives: treating life as if a lark…

Continually doing the craziest things… as if to call attention to themselves.


Graceful serene self-controlled beings

Always so stately, majestic and poised.


Gaggling pompous would be landlords ponderously prancing

And honking about nothing… but to hear themselves squawk!


Reeking of self importance!

Trying in vain to intimidate their smaller but happier neighbors:


Who ignore their obnoxious attempts at intimidation and rule.

So much like mankind in a somewhat larger pool!


I wonder who's watching us laughing?




Bonnie Marie '93' C- 97

(Illustration duckpond with people as described walking around)
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