Do I want to Understand?

Do I Want To Understand?


Like song birds in black cages, we are shadowed by His hands;

Until we learn to listen, and want to understand.


Often I 'm too busy squawking at my fellowman...

To hear His loving messages... to really understand.


Lost in my convictions, work, and endless other things:

I should cease in all my strivings... to see the messages He brings.


He speaks to me in common place; through a flower or a tree,

 Or a friend that's sent... with love... to give me harmony!


Blind I do not listen.  I have chosen not to see.

What hinders me from hearing?  I'm taken up with ME!


I ignore His loving voice... as He's calling to this child...

Becoming disrespectful, and sometimes, a little wild.


He speaks, but if I listen, I must make a willful choice...

Obey or contradict Him... that is why I fear His voice.


Truly, the fool I have fooled... is no one else but me.

I have only shunned the gifts of love... He’s offered me.


When finally I choose to listen, then I understand,

How obstinate and deaf I've been.  My Lord has suffered at my hand!


Can my heart and mind be so obtuse to all He's said?

He loves and knows me best... no matter where my feet will tread.


Listening in the darkness... I'll come to understand.

Enlightened, I can pass the word... to someone else's hand.


So long I have been hearing Him...

How Slow to Understand !!!


 Bonnie Marie 2-14-2000 c

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