DelMar of the Sea

Del Mar... "of the Sea"


 Del Mar "of the Sea"  How your voices call to me.

I crest your green hills and look beyond,

To see azure waters and feel their song.

I walk your streets... time seems to stand still...

I'm lured toward your shores, my soul to fill.


Outdoor Cafe's respond to earth's song,

Shop doors open to sing along.

Faces friendly, open, kind... people at peace...

Of a different mind.


As I walk your shores the surf sings to me,

Each wave washing my cares out to sea.

Oceans waves crashing against rock and sand...

Sing of  power in creation, yet peace in God's hand


A place of wonder, the souls key...

Mystical magic where Earth's Song meets Sea's.

Ocean and Earth's song combining to bring,

Reverent praises of their Creator to sing!



Bonnie Marie

(9-22-98) c

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