Dance with Me

Dance with me, He said to me.


I'm your partner, we must connect, and join our energy...

Only then can you respond and move With me.

Get out of your head and into your soul...

Trust your training - let yourself go,

Stop Doing... and just Be... Dance With Me.


You've learned the dances; techniques and more...

Now comes the joy... dancing is for.

We must go beyond to create a unity.

For our dancing to become true Beauty!


Get rid of stiffness - anxiety -

Just breath and let your spirit free...

To revel in the Dance With me.


We become the paint and brush for our artistry...

Creating a masterpiece of movement, for to see.

The Dance - the dancers' Poetry.


Training and technique set a base,

But the true beauty and grace,

Come from that soul connecting place of synergy...

Where two become one in efficacy...

Two bodies form a joyous blend - movement to movement - the romance begins!


Romance?  I don't understand.

The romance of Dance!  He said, taking my hand.


Act aloof... or flirt with me,

Show me just how sexy you can be!

Let your body move with mine...

Eyes connecting to the soul... transcending sensuality...

Into the doxology of dance with me.


Dance is the body's song;

Some sing of elegance and grace,

Others take on an earthy, flirtatious or sensuous face.

We must relate passionately... painting each dances odyssey....

Our dancing then will be, true Beauty...

Our Body's Epic Poetry!


Let your mind and body be free...

To just flow with me... in euphoric harmony.

Only then will you be - the dancer, you want to be.

You must stop Doing... and Become... the Dance with Me!



Now!... Dance With Me!



(Written for, and inspired by; my teacher, partner, mentor & friend... Jim Desmond)



Bonnie Marie  5-21-97 copyright
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