Climbing Reality's Heights

Climbing Reality Heights

Voluminous masses of sandy red stone

Contrast against infinite expanses of azure sky.

Strikingly Beautiful -- Serenity Screaming!


Beckoning and foreboding; ancient upheaval of molten stone

Hundreds of feet high.

Thrust up from the earth's' core millions of years before.


Natures' colossal stone sphinx rising high above the dessert floor in majestic splendor.

Astonishing secrets waiting to be discovered among these stone sentinels:

But, one must dare to explore and risk to find.


My mind soars like the eagle, desiring to perch on the highest pinnacle;

To view the valleys and far distant peaks below.

I yearn to experience, to discover, to be discovered!


I must gain that eagles perspective: imagining will never suffice.

I scramble up slippery sandstone, over fallen rocky rubble,

Higher past one buttress then another; still higher.


Trees become specks and hidden among the rabble of rock are a myriad of surprises.

Weather beaten cliffs in amazing configurations are home for the minuscule and majestic.

Stone faces whisper the secrets of time!


Sweat is beading on my brow, trickling down,

Muscles are straining,

Lungs are expanding with exhilaration.


Higher and still higher,

Valleys are falling away far below:

Industry becomes indistinguishable!


In the rock are natural cisterns filled with rainfall

Far above the desert floor...

Much akin to the cisterns of my soul.


One is an unbelievable Olympiad pool carved by wind and time,

It hangs two thousand feet above the desert floor: once full...

Now nearly as empty as my heart.


Scrub pines jut forth from solid rock.

Can love sprout in a stone?

Maybe.... there is hope!


Air is clearer, colder

But the sun shines warmly,

Heating and reflecting off bright white stone.


Finally -- The Pinnacle!

Success  achieved... Destination reached.

Perspective only imagined, now realized!


Unfathomable Beauty!  Solitude Found!

Achievement, and surrender

 To the formidable force which surrounds me.


The fragile metropolis in the far distance,

A hazy shimmering mirage,

An indistinct apparition.


Reality !

Centuries old stone sentinels:

Ever alive -- Ever watching -- Ever offering!


GOD gaily giving, to those who will receive...

Tranquility !

An Inner Epiphany !


Grace gleefully laughing :

For higher planes yet to be --

While scaling the heights of REALITY !!!



Bonnie Marie "90"

c - 97


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