Choose Love

Choose Love... Not Lies!


How fragile beats the human heart that lies beneath such tender breast.


The child within screams out in pain... with tortures from another day.


With broken trusts the heart is scared… until in fear... love is barred.


The very thing desired the most… becomes the prisoner... and the guard!


Love and dreams, once freely shared, are locked away to shield from pain.


Though love is want to give away, with broken dreams the heart is stayed.


Until the love desired the most, becomes the enemy.  Tortured and torturer agree!


Oh, God!  Give back the child like faith, that lets again love impart.


In spite of pleasure mixed with pain... so beats the fate of human heart.


Weigh the options carefully.  Love must win... if hope's to be.


Or, sad and lonely the heart will cry: Until hope dies... causing the child's demise!


The hope of youth must dare be freed, and given God's speed to gain loves' prize.


The heart that loves is thus so wise.  The foe would stay, with fears and lies.


Bonnie Marie

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