I saw him for the first time and I knew a love I'd never known before.


            I'd loved -- Oh yes -- How I'd loved my babies at my breast...


                        My tiny toddlers' at my feet...


                                    My children growing -- going to school...


                                                Learning life's rules, growing with time...


                                                            Life leading on like a nursery rhyme.


Until time has flown by and now here am I,


            Looking into the tiny face of this perfect babe my child just gave birth.


                        The wonder in me seems like the greatest on earth!


                                    The circle of life has just gone round again --


                                                And I'm struck with amazement --


                                                            As my life eddies and bends.



 ( On seeing Kaleb's face for the 1st time )


Bonnie Marie



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