About Artist

Bonnie Marie grew up in the 1950's in the western rural area of the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada. 
She has spent much time traveling over the most scenic parts of Nevada, Utah, California, Arizona, Mexico,Texas, Hawaii, Oregon, Minnesota and spent some time in parts of the southern states, New York and Pennsylvania for inspiration.  
She has been very involved with many forms of dance and was herself an accomplished Ballroom Dancer. 
Growing up riding and around horses she has a great affinity for them. 
Being raised in the West she also has a special place in her heart for the American Indian peoples and the legacy they have given our country.
Bonnie Marie began drawing and painting almost as soon as she could hold a pencil.
She works in many mixed media forms but finds acrylics her passion because of all she can do with them.  Many of her pieces contain drawing, painting, Photoshop techniques for creating effects and the addition of poetry.
Even pieces you may choose as a numbered canvas will be somewhat a custom piece as she loves to add her special touches to each.
Bonnie's mother (Hildur Holmstrom) was a published Poet and her great love of writing and poetry was passed down to her daughter.
Many of the poems you will read were written to go with certain paintings or can be incorporated in them.
Many of Bonnie's works must be looked at closely to see other images that are actually in the paintings but are not so obvious, usually they will be part of the theme of the works.  Study her work and you will find many surprises and layers of love and attention to detail!
Have fun looking through her collection. 
You will find something ethereal and utterly unique in her works

Information... call  702-523-6787   bonniebygrace@gmail.com

                                        Fax 888-309-9525

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