A Lovers Rhyme

A Lovers' Rhyme

Touch my soul with the fingers of your mind…

Trace a path of what may be... kindred love in time.


Caress my spirit gently - for tis a snow white dove.

If you feed it tenderly it will bring you epic love.


Speak to me in daylight hours, fondly with your eyes.

Weave with me a tapestry of dreams, under endless skies.


Breath in the very breath of me, forming kisses yet to be.

Let your spirit dance with mine in our own epiphany.


Stroke so softly the aura of my skin.

Touching without touching, darling; bring me in


Love me in innocence… love my spirit & my soul;

Until we feel, taste and touch our amazing whole.


So deeply let us enter, explore, caress; the merging of our minds -

That we may dance on timelessly in a Lovers’ rhyme.



Bonnie Marie 10-5-2007


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